Nunavut has the highest suicide rate of any province or territory in Canada. In the town of Arviat, youth are finding ways to express themselves and become greater than the circumstances. This film captures the daily lives and pursuits of different youth in the community, Shelton Nippisar's aspirations to open a dance studio, Shelby Angalik's fight against global warming, and Innosar Issakiark's dreamy guitar melodies. Finding ways to pass the time creates for unbelievably talented youth. Although, they face many challenges as other remote Indigenous communities, it is also important to focus on the fire in the youth's eyes and the positive change they are projecting as role models. It is even more important to create the feeling of moving towards change.

Starring | Shelton Nipisar, Shelby Tia Angalik, Innosar Issakiark
Director | Adrijan Assoufi
Cinematographer | Mike Lobel
Score | Innosar Issakiark
Editor | Adrijan Assoufi

1 min. short (Scene from feature documentary Rising Voices)
TIFFxInstagram Festival 2017