In 23 weeks this year, 21 cyclists and pedestrians have died in Toronto. In four of the past five years, cyclists and pedestrians have been killed in vehicle collisions at a rate of one every 10 days. This year, we are expected to surpass that number. It's time to declare a state of emergency. This is a crisis. The city of Toronto and other urban areas need to implement adequate infrastructure for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. We felt strongly compelled to show the human side to these news stories, a community dealing with loss. We wanted to explore masculine vulnerability through grief. Being human means being vulnerable. Being human means protecting our community.

Starring | Mike Lobel, Mitch Holmes, Joseph Taylor 
Director | Adrijan Assoufi 
Producer | Mike Lobel
Cinematographer | Shady Hanna
Production Coordinators | Danica Stanojevic, Iva Avramov
Editor | Adrijan Assoufi, Mike Lobel

Music video